Wearable Art and Altered Clothing are both great loves of mine. I have been sewing since childhood first making doll clothes. Later sewing my own creations. But what I did notice is that a lot of clothing either was too plain and in need of decoration or didn’t fit quite right and needed to be up-styled or altered to fit better. Being a plus sized also made me realize how much clothing impacts upon our perception of others and for the larger woman or man there have been a lot less style choices over the years.  I also have a problem with so much clothing going into land fills and so altering or recycling of fibers for clothing is a great way to “use up” clothing. Here are samples of my various clothing projects I have been working on.

The god Anubis on a short denim jeans jacket.

Horus on longer jeans jacket

Isis & Osiris on long denim jacket

Cartouche on Chambray Shirt

Ship Shape up-cycled t-shirt dress

(back view)

Water Blessings up-cycled T-shirt dress

(back view)