Contemporary Prints

Silk Screen Prints & Silk Screen Monoprints

      Prices: Vary based on size and whether the print is matted or framed

Loose Prints start at $60.00, Matted Prints start at $150,  Framed Prints start at $250

(Please note: Due to packaging, additional shipping is added for matted or framed prints)

Printing Techniques…

The images I use originate from books, magazines, TV, video, objects themselves, and ideas that I’ve drawn on paper. I make transparencies of these images which are then used when exposing photosensitive emulsion on screens. These screens in turn are used during the printing process. The majority of my works are done in this fashion, and have been printed on paper but, I also print on fabric and roofing felt enabling my art to be hung outside.

When printing an edition, a work is conceptually “engineered” before printing, and printing is usually done in the traditional way through registration. Other works are “process” created. That is, as I print, I select screens I had for one or more different editions and use them without regard to registration. This creates a one-of-a-kind screen print; a “screened monoprint”. Another type of work I create is the “recycled” print. The fragments  or pieces of several prints when collaged together produce a separate, unique print unto itself. All three types of prints are usually done concurrently while the screens are loaded with ink. In the end, the evolution of the prints can be just as fascinating as the product.