Handcast Paper

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Handcast paper; Susan DennistonThe visual appeal of handmade paper is captivating. I strive for creating art where the texture of the paper allows your eyes to feel the surface of a work. I use paper as a ceramicist would use clay. From beaten prepared cotton fiber pulp, I handcast or “spray” (through the use of a pulp sprayer) flat and sculptural works. These two processes give me an opportunity for a wide range of artwork from handcast sheets on a very large scale (4′ x 5′) to 3-dimensional pieces such as paper bowls or freestanding tall sculptures. When I create my works, I add a pigment to the pulp which makes for lush, rich colorful pieces. Materials such as leaves, sticks, spices, rope, glitter, threads, crystals, … just about anything that translates into texture can end up in my pieces. Additionally, I really love combining my prints with the unique qualities of paper to create textural collages.


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